Breakfast with Santa

Saturday, December 16
Families are invited to bring their children to St. Michael's Second Annual Breakfast with Santa.  A delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and sausage will be served and children will be able to eat with Santa, sit on his lap for pictures, do crafts and have a fun time.

Prayer of the Week

Join us in prayer as we lift ourselves and our petitions to the Lord. If you would like St. Michael's Prayer Chain to pray for you or your loved ones, contact the Parish Office at  Click on the rainbow to see this week's prayer.

Neighborhood Garden

St. Michael's Neighborhood Garden is open to all gardeners in the surrounding neighborhood who don't have a spot to grow veggies and flowers.  On April 13, at 9 AM, City Green DIG In! is coming to work with our Gardeners and volunteers who hopefully will be equipped with battery operated drills, work gloves and eye protection.  Wooden borders will be installed around garden spaces.  Come and volunteer!

 Let's grow together! 

  Jane and Michael - 973-248-8415

Christ Walk Kids

St. Michael's invites all Youth in Grades 7 through 12 and their Parents to join us for Christ Walk Kids

The Phone Zone

Friday, February 24, 5-8pm, for all ages! 

Advent Quiet Day

Saturday, December 10

Sign up in Duncanson Hall to attend St. Michael's Advent Quiet Day, December 10, from 8:30am to 2pm, with light lunch.  Led by Fr. Keith, this time will prepare our hearts for the re-birth of our Savior within each of us. To reserve a space, you may also contact the Parish Office at 973-694-1026, Extension 10, by December 6.

Fall Study - Youth - Last Session

Sunday, December 11

This group is for youth in grades 7-12 and meets in St. John's Room.  The group is facilitated by Mike Boudjouk & Jan Sivertsen


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