Men's Horseshoes 6pm

Tuesday, September 13

This is strictly a guy thing.  It's every Tuesday evening until it gets too cold or too dark to see.  Just show up on for fun, food, and fellowship.  From the parking lot behind the church admin building go up between the playground and the garden toward the sound of male voices and the clink (or thud) of horseshoes.  Direct any questions to John Vine (973) 962-4323 or Ted Drake (973) 553-1676.  


There are so many minitries for adults at St. Michael's.  There are opportunities to worship, study the Bible together, fellowship together, eat together, serve one another and serve the Lord.  Check out the calendar, upcoming events, and ministries.  You can even rent Duncanson Hall for birthdays, showers or other special event.  


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