Funerals are a natural part of life and no one is ever fully prepared when a loved one dies, even if anticipated.  The clergy of the Church and the faith community are the foundation for providing comfort in the midst of grief and for guiding a family through a transition from earthly life and death into eternal life.

Baptized Christians are properly buried from the church.  The service should be held at a time when the congregation has opportunity to be present.

Who can be buried from St. Michael's?

Anyone who has had an association with the parish as a family member or active participant.

What to do?

Please contact the Parish Office as soon as possible. 

What about burial?

Space for the interment of ashes is available in our Memorial Garden. The cost for this is $750.00: this includes the opening of the grave, the grave site itself and the bronze name plate for the Memorial Garden Wall as well as continuing upkeep in the Garden.

Who plans the service?

The immediate family of the deceased plan the liturgy in conjunction with the clergy.

What about a repast (reception)?

Duncanson Hall is available for repasts.  This also includes a fully equipped kitchen. 

What about music?

Our church organist ordinarily plays for all services held in the church.  The family can suggest music in concert with the organist. The clergy can also help you in selecting music and Scripture readings.

How much does a funeral cost?

There is no charge for this or any other sacramental rite.  Certain costs must be paid, including reasonable amount for building use and the services of custodial staff, musicians, and clergy. Please refer to the schedule of fees.