Shop "Right" for St. Michael's

This is an easy fundraiser for St. Michael’s.  If you shop at ShopRite using one of their gift cards purchased at our church, St. Michael earns funds—it’s that simple!  This is the way it works:

•    St. Michael’s invests $1,000 to purchase ShopRite gift cards in $25 and $50 denominations

•    Parishioners purchase these gift cards at their face value of $25 or $50 to spend at ShopRite

•    ShopRite donates 5% of sales to St. Michael’s

Cards will be available for sale every Sunday after mass in Duncanson Hall.  You may pay for these cards in cash or by check made out to St. Michael’s Church, listing ShopRite in the memo.  These cards may be used at any ShopRite location.

In the event that cards are sold out on any given Sunday, you may place a pre-paid order for cards which will be available the following Sunday. 

If you have any questions about the program, contact Carmela at or 908-852-5109.