Prayer of the Week

Join us in prayer as we lift ourselves and our petitions to the Lord. If you would like St. Michael's Prayer Chain to pray for you or your loved ones, contact the Parish Office at  Click on the rainbow to see this week's prayer.

Spirit of the promise, lead me on life’s journey that I may find wisdom of heart, for it was love that led Jesus to the sacred place of humankind.  It was love that led Jesus from the desert to the cross.  There in the desert, death and life…I meet you.  Life the blindness from my heart.  Awaken the silence of my soul to the joyful celebration of your life within.  Tear down the walls that separate me from others, that I may come to see the face of God reflected in their eyes.  Spirit of holiness, flood me with freedom that I may become the fire that seals this covenant-love.  Heal my spirit that I may walk this earth as a pilgrim—creating the kingdom I hold in my heart.  Amen.

From “A Time to Turn…The Paschal Experience” by Anita M. Constance, S.C.