Christ Walk Kids

St. Michael's invites all Youth in Grades 7 through 12 and their Parents to join us for Christ Walk Kids

Christ Walk Kids offers a fun and inspiring approach to instilling practices of caring for body, mind, and spirit. “Our children are inquisitive about their health, their bodies, their relationship with God, and their purpose in the world,” says nurse, author, speaker—and mom—Anna Fitch Courie, who developed the program.

Using a fitness tracker, kids track their steps and mileage as they imaginatively trace biblical paths. For example, one route might be between Jesus’s hometown of Nazareth and Jerusalem, a 65-mile journey that requires 4,000 steps (1.6 miles) per day. Each day covers a topic related to health and spirituality: physical exercise, nutrition (“God did not hang protein bars on the trees in the Garden of Eden,” Courie points out), sex, drinking, drugs, praying, lying, stealing, bullying, and many others. Courie encourages parents to read the book with their older children and teens, and accompany them as they build a foundation of healthy choices.

"The thing I love about this book is that this is something families can do together-it doesn't require carpools, expensive sports uniforms, or equipment. Christ Walk Kids is going to change lives. There is the physical health, yes, but this wonderful resource will also bring head, heart, and spiritual health!" --Roger Hutchison, author, and Director of Christian Formation and Parish Life at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston