Confirmation, Reception and Re-affirmation

Confirmation is a sacramental ceremony where a person affirms the promises made by their sponsors, godparents and parents at Baptism. Confirmation is a public affirmation of one’s commitment to Jesus Christ.  It is also available for persons from other denominations desiring to become members of the Episcopal Church.

Reception is available for those who were baptized in another Christian denomination and wish to become a member of the Episcopal Church.

Re-affirmation is the opportunity for members of the congregation to renew or reaffirm their Baptismal Covenant before the Bishop. 


Classes are arranged each year for adults and young people in the 8th grade or above. They are then presented to the bishop for Confirmation/Reception/Re-affirmation during a Diocesan wide liturgical celebration. 

If you are interested in Confirmation/Reception/Re-Affirmation, please contact the Parish Office at 973-694-1026.