Reconciliation of a Penitent (Confession)

The sacramental rite of Confession is as ancient as the church itself.  It is an opportunity for each of us to “get square” with God and offer to him all that troubles us in life and our relationships.  It is an opportunity for us to begin again on the right path and in a right relationship with God.

A General Confession is offered during Sunday’s Eucharist and Morning Prayer with the whole congregation offering a community confession.  However, private confession is also offered by the church when clergy are present and is intended for the sole purpose of reconciliation with oneself, your neighbor and God.

The Anglican/Episcopal traditions says regarding Private Confession, “No one has to, some ought to, and everybody should.”

Confession is offered during Lent and Advent in particular and can be scheduled at any time with the clergy for a private session.  All Confessions made in the church are sacrosanct and confidentiality is insured.

To schedule a time with the clergy please contact the parish office at 973-694-1026.