About Worship at St. Michael's

We are a committed and welcoming parish in the Episcopal tradition.  We are an active, worshipping and praying community, learning to live out our Christian faith. Everyone is welcome to join us for worship. The Bible is the center of our understanding of the Christian faith and Jesus is the head of our church.

If you have never worshipped in an Episcopal church before,you'll find three books in the pew — the Holy Bible (scripture), the Hymnal and the Book of Common Prayer.  For your convenience, the Scriptures, Music and Prayers are all in the Sunday Service Sheet.  

The Hymnal & Music

As you sit in the church pew, the blue book i is our Hymnal. The hymns and praise songs are included in the Sunday Service Sheet.  

The Book of Common Prayer

The red book iis the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).  It is the treasure of the Episcopal Church containing all of the church's services together with additional prayers and devotions for private use.  

The Holy Eucharist

The Eucharist, also called Holy Communion and the Lord's Supper, is the principal service in our church. 

Liturgy of the Word

When the service is conducted by other than a Priest, a portion of the service called Liturgy of the Word is used.

The Holy Communion

When a Priest is celebrating the service, various Eucharistic prayers are used according to the church season.  You have the option to receive the bread only or both bread and wine.

Options After the Service Options

1.  Prayer...A person offers prayer at the altar rail every Sunday to pray for anyone needing healing or wanting to give special thanks to God.

2.  Refreshments...We gather for coffee and other refreshments in Duncanson Hall following the service.  In this way we linger in the afterglow of having worshipped and celebrated together.  If you are visiting please join us!